quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2007

Soundex Coding The Dwek Name

The appropriate code for the Dwek name, worked out according to the Soundex Coding Guide, is D200.
The following examples illustrate other surnames that have the same Soundex coding as the Dwek name. Though this may not be an exhaustive list, sufficiente examples are included so that you can locate most if not all surnames with the same reference code.
Although these names display the same code, it is important to understand that no genealogical or ethnic relationships are implied.
If you´re still uncertain on how to work out the Soundex code for a surname of interest, the codes to over 500,000 surnames have been published in a book called The Soundex Reference Guide which is available in most large libraries and also from the AGLL.
For more information on how to ocate a family in the census schedules (after finding the Soundex code), contact the American Genealogical Lending Library (AGLL), P.O.Box 244, Bounntiful, UT 84011.